Engine Oil Pump 61800071010

Type: Oil pump
Adapter truck: Shakman
Size: original size
OEM Number: 61000771010
Material: steel
Model: Shakman
Keywords: oil pump 61800071010
Packing: ordinary packaging
Origin: Shandong, China
Product description

Engine Oil Pump 61800071010 is a component of the Weichai engine. Its main function is to increase the oil pressure and ensure a certain amount of oil, and to force oil to each friction surface. Similarly, it is generally applicable to other brands of engines.


Product Details

Type:Oil pumpOEM Number:61000771010
Size:Original sizeOrigin:Shandong, China
Material:SteelProduct Name:Weichai Engine Parts Oil Pump 
Model:ShakmanKeywords:oil pump 61800071010
Warranty:3 monthsPacking:ordinary packaging


Q: What is the role of the oil pump?

A: The function of the oil pump is to force the oil to a certain pressure and then forcibly press it onto the moving surface of each part of the engine.

Q: What are the types of oil pumps?

A: The structural form of the oil pump can be divided into two types: gear type and rotor type. The gear type oil pump is further divided into an internal gear type and an external gear type, and the latter is generally referred to as a gear type oil pump.

Shipping & Packaging

Transportation: Express delivery, Ocean shipping, Air transport, Railroad

Delivery time: 7 to 30 days

Packaging Material: Carton or Wooden box (Can be according to customer's requirements)

Packaging Mark: Can be according to customer's requirements.


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