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Our History

Jinan Xin Ju Heng Auto Parts Co., Ltd. was established in 2005, is located in the auto parts base in Jinan, Shandong. Jinan Xin Ju Heng Auto Parts Co., Ltd. formerly known as Jinan Shun Cheung Auto Parts Co., Ltd., in 2010 changed its name to Jinan Xin Ju Heng Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

Production Market

Our markets are mainly in 

  • Africa

  • Central Asia

  • Southeast Asia

  • Russia

  • South Africa

  • Vietnam

  • Malaysia

  • Thailand

  • Senegal

  • Nigeria

Our service

1:24 hours online, ready to contact us.

2:12 hours in a timely manner reply to mail. To ensure timely tracking of mail.

3: tracking product delivery information, timely feedback customers.

4: to solve customer problems in a timely manner.

5: product three packs of time for 6 months, long package period, for you to solve worries.

6: the company prepared a premium service, the company customer service from time to time to provide some small gifts, discounts, courier delivery, and other services, notify the customer. To ensure that our products get your timely feedback.


Tel: +86-531-85700664